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The tough village life

10th January 2021. The village used to be a place where you went to relax, be carefree with your personal property like cash. Not any more.

Fraudsters have taken over.

A man found me at home and asked for a job to clean my compound. I said, great. How much? He asked for Ugx. 10,000. Many village folks usually ask for free cash. This one was exceptional. He wanted work to earn the money. I decided to give him the deal even when I had planned to clean it myself.

But first, he wanted to buy a panga to do a great job. He asked for money to rush to the trading centre. I gave him a Ugx. 10,000. I was excited to have finally found a serious villager who can work.

He did not return. I waited for the whole day in vain. He ran away with my Ugx.10,000.

The village has transformed. Not for the better. You can hardly find any fresh fruits or food. People are into sugarcane growing. You have to buy matooke from town!!! In my garden, they are stealing it.

So, I engaged with LC 1 on how to help the people. He said, “people need money not farming”. Politicians have gotten them used to free cash.

It is tight where we are heading.

What is your experience with the people in the village where you were born? Is your village thriving or every young boy want a Boda Boda and the young girl is pregnant by that Boda Boda boy?

What is the best way to help?

I have been paying fees before the Corona Virus pandemic. But once the father of a young boy approached me and said “who told you my child needs your help.” Later I was informed he separated from the mother of the child, and wanted them to suffer!!! Can you imagine?

Have a nice Sunday.

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