Three tips to energize yourself in the morning


One simple trick to avoid losing your morning mojo is to keep negative voices and energy away. Block such voices using the following strategies:

  • Read morning inspiration – if you are religious read a Bible, Koran, or any holy book of your choice. Muslim or Christian, feel free to learn from either book. You will be more informed. You could read a motivation book or watch an inspiring TED talk. Doing exercises as a habit for 30 minutes is a great mind booster. Make a list of great routines and do them as a habit.
  • No opening non-work emails before noon. Many companies’ email policy is a response to emails within 24 hours. So, try to postpone opening emails to the afternoon. Alternatively, have a PA or a secretary review the work emails and summarize only those that bring positive energy, eg. A promotion, a new business opportunity, a new idea to transform the clients or industry, or a letter of offer for a bid won. All emails with bad news may be summarized and provided in the afternoon after you have concentrated. Avoid being poisoned with bad ideas and low energy in the morning.
  • Do the most productive and profitable things in the morning and the less critical things in the afternoon. In the private sector, the most productive and profitable things are project execution, modeling for clients, business development, and customer service. If you are a musician, use the first half of the morning learning your routines. Practicing the piano or guitar or other instruments of your specialty. That way you get the most of your time. Then, apply the afternoon to the mundane and other basic things.

Remember, to block out negative energy in the morning. Do not pick those calls from people who always leave you annoyed and frustrated. They want to show off. They are always trying to show or undermine your achievements on however you try. Such people are not worth being part of your life.

Which other strategies do you use to win? Share below.

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