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To embrace elders, remember your origin

“Ataijuka Ebyenyuma Tafumbata Mukaikuru”, loosely translated to mean, “those who forget history, do not embrace elders”. This idiom was posted by a member on the Bunyoro Hard Talk, WhatsApp group and I found it timely during this coronavirus pandemic. 

Are you a reader of history?

Take time to know where you come from, for it is from such knowledge that you understand how you fit into this world and inform your priorities. If you forget where you come from – your parents, relatives, and teachers – including all folks who have helped you along with your career– you may easily forget about them. There is a tendency of focusing on what is immediately in front of you at the expense of what you have gone through.

We know that when a young man or woman finds a partner, they fall to the risk of recency bias – where they tend to mind only about the new people in their lives at the expense of the elders. Do not try to forget your local language. Do not forget the people who looked after you. Call them occasionally, and if you have mobile money, even if it is just Ugx. 10,000, do share it with them. If life is tough for you, it could be tougher for them especially during these #covid19 times. Now more than ever, they need your support in terms of greetings and maybe financial support since they could be old without any pension or safety nets.

Do not get blinded by the challenges of today, or just think and mind about your immediate family in Kampala and forget about the elders. Do not be like those who forget history and fail to embrace elders. Find time to call. Share and go back to your roots.

Copyright Mustapha B Mugisa, 2020. All rights reserved.

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