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To win, you need the discipline of self-study

Do not wait to be taught by the teacher to learn. Undertake self-study. It is your daily duty to read on your own and then if you can, teach others.

When you teach others, you learn better.

I have learned a lot in life through self-study than in the classroom. Whether you watch a television show or read a fictional book, be on the lookout for ideas to apply in your life or career. What lessons do you learn from the story being told? Even a show like the Kardashians will teach you lessons of confidence if you watch with a mission to learn not just to pass time.

How else can someone allow cameras into their private lives? Personal confidence. When you don’t have anything to hide, you are not worried about privacy. Your transparency is your stock in trade. Many people live their lives trying to be ‘private’. If you have succeeded in the right way. You invest in communal causes that transform communities near and far.  You have made your money in daylight, what are you afraid of? Why keep ‘privacy’? Instead, invest in self-study.

Self-study helps you to develop unique ideas – insight and foresight. When you embrace self-study, you will rarely suffer boredom and limited knowledge. You gain the ability to research and find solutions.  With the Internet, you have several sources to look for knowledge. Search on Google. Visit Amazon. Read powerful blogs. Watch YouTube videos. Conduct online education. Ask people. Travel. Do self-test drive. Explore.

Use this #covid19 period to explore. Read on your own.

Copyright Mustapha B Mugisa, 2020. All rights reserved.

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