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Tool 41 of 104 is to show up often

Luke 9:17 They all ate as much as they wanted, and when the scraps remaining were collected, they filled twelve baskets.

In life, an attempt at something, is the most important thing that cuts across all winners.


If you don’t show up, you don’t register any performance.

For example, to win any race like a marathon, you must show up and participate in the race first. If it is an exam, you must show up in the examination room. Whatever you think of in life, success starts when you take the first step.

As a consultant, I am always asking my colleagues ‘how do you get to be known if you don’t deliberately submit proposals?’ If you don’t knock at the door, nobody will know you are outside standing.

Showing up. Starting. And making the first step is the most important ingredient in your life’s journey. I have realised many people have low self-esteem, are afraid of taking the first step and lose opportunities around them because they don’t show up.  I don’t know any person who has succeeded because they constantly scored 100% in all exams and tests. That is why you must start when you are just 60% or even 55% ready. Don’t want to get all the information you need. Just get enough information.

When I say showing up is the first step to success means you must try to fail. When you don’t try to fail, you don’t get any lessons. You don’t lose. Many times people who are not getting ahead are afraid of other things which could happen and yet until you fail, you cannot learn. And that is the lesson you need to improve your career. Show up. Do you know that most of the things you are afraid of never even materialize?

Try. Learn. Take the lessons. Next time do it better. Repeat.

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