Tool 48 of 104 is to be reliable

You cannot hide an elephant. If the quality of your work is outstanding, no one can hide it. Someone may attempt to delay your

You cannot hide an elephant. If the quality of your work is outstanding, no one can hide it. Someone may attempt to delay your destiny but cannot stop it. Just focus and keep doing your best. You will soon be discovered. You cannot hide an elephant.

He sent me an email.

I am called James [not real name]. I visited your website, and noticed you provide cybersecurity and forensics services. Those two areas are my passion. For the last five years, I have majored in cybersecurity research and electronic discovery. This is to request a meeting with you for any challenge in pen tests and digital forensics. I know networking and programing well and I am a good orator. I notice your sister company, Institute of Forensics, offers training services. My good presentation skills honed over three years of self-study will be a valuable addition to your team. I will be available to lend a hand as a stand-in lecturer as and when needed.

Mustapha, I would really appreciate an opportunity to have a brief chat culminating into an agreement to join your team. You will have a reliable and trustworthy member of your team. Yours sincerely, James.”

How do you ignore an email like the above!

There are always job opportunities in every organization at any point in time. Leaders are always open to welcoming exceptional talent that understands their ‘pain’ and challenges and has innovative ideas to solve it. Running a business is like managing a sports team, the coach is open to new people who not only have talent and skills but are reliable and trustworthy.

Imagine a great footballer who has no respect for the head coach! Trust is a result of having taken time to understand the organization and the key value drivers and killers. What is the organization’s major strategic challenge? How do you contribute to solving it every day you come to work? Like in any competitive match, if you are one of the players in the field, your focus must be scoring as many goals, not allowing to concede a goal or both. Anything you do in the pitch that is none of the above is not value-adding. A good team manager will substitute you instantly. In the business-speak, you are put on performance improvement, asked to resign or terminated.


I received the email on Friday evening, and I personally called the sender to fix an appointment. It is clear that the sender took the time to study about our company, understand relationships and send a custom email from the perspective of the top leaders of the organization. Every leader wants people who see the business from a strategic point of view. All Ugandans cannot become entrepreneurs. That is why working with entrepreneurs as business partners are one of the best strategies for professionals. Imagine if ten small soft drinks manufacturing firms owned by local Ugandans merged to form one. Lots of bargaining power and opportunities for good deals from government, suppliers, and bankers. All it takes is a good heart. Being genuine, reliable and trustworthy.

If you work with someone, once they start confiding in your in their personal life issues and business secrets, know that they are starting to trust you. Once they ask for your opinion before a key decision, know that your opinion matters.

Remember it may be easy to get a job in any company (if you write specific emails, cover letters, and CVs) like in the example above. However, getting a job is one thing. Retaining it is another ball game. It takes an effort in the form of timekeeping, embracing company initiatives and being trustworthy. You must put in 100% in whatever you do.


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