Tool #7 of 104 tools is to be loyal

So many people, but few to trust. So many followers, few loyal cadres. That is the challenge of every leader. Which persons to empower

So many people, but few to trust. So many followers, few loyal cadres. That is the challenge of every leader. Which persons to empower who won’t take advantage of it to threaten my career. My seat. My shoes!

Every leader needs a close circle of people they trust.  A team of people are loyal to one another and very straight forward.  To be loyal is to be trustworthy and act with sensibilities. To act consistently in the interests of the leader who empowers your career to thrive. Your major challenge will come from trying to be loyal to more than one person or leader. No man can be loyal to more than two masters. Just as you cannot serve God and money, you cannot receive instructions from more than one person in the same organization and thrive!  You have high chances of causing conflicts as well as you risk undermining the authority of one of your masters at the expense of the other. This causes disfunction. When it comes to what you do, who is your direct supervisor? Who do you directly report to. Who supervises your work? Who takes effort to groom and empower you to become the best you can. Who can make or break your career by a stroke of their pen based on their recommendations or lack of it?

When someone starts sending you out on personal errands, tells you their person secrets by confiding in you, gives you more critical roles than they do to others, it demonstrates trust. You are closer in their circle of trusted ‘cadres’ and that is a good sign. It takes long to build trust and loyalty with someone.

The first step is to put your foot on the door. Whether you join as a cleaner, volunteer, intern or just visitor. Demonstrate interest and attention to detail. Be the first at the office. Make sure you get recognized by your colleagues by asking them “if you have any task you would need my help, feel free to let me know.” Find time to visit someone and chat one on one. Ask for help, even if you know something, as this opens the other person. People want to be appreciated. Give them the opportunity to help you. Once you get a job at any organization, you have all the opportunity to thrive. It starts by showing interest. Asking for what to do often from your direct supervisor. Telling the truth. Acting in the best interest of your direct supervisor for the greater good of the organization.  Providing on-going updates on assigned tasks. And above all, avoid behind the back dealings. Any one who is hard working but not loyal and trustworthy is not good. Anyone who is brilliant, hardworking and not loyal is deadly. You can teach skills but not loyalty. Have a lovely day.

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