Money, religion and sex

Tool 72 of 104 is to develop positive habits

Habits provide a fertile ground for your success. Good habits are your strategic foundation for living a happy life.

While in school, to win you had to conduct regular notes revision, go to the library, attend classes regularly, be in discussion groups of brilliant students and teach others so as to grasp the concepts better. Good habits make you successful. Bad habits make you poor.

What are your habits for 2020? It is week two of the new year, what are you doing consistently so that you win?

As Catholics, our religion is built on a foundation of strong habits —underpinned by the Sacraments and Church traditions —which taken together have been practised from generation to generation. And Baptism is one of them. Today, we celebrate the baptism of the Lord, Jesus Christ.

What a great day?

What does your baptism mean to you? Baptism signifies the beginning of a new journey with Christ. You are reborn. This calls for a change of personal conduct and practices as you start a new journey.

What are your habits?

Do you pray daily with your family at home? Do you attend church regularly? Do you support the Church cause and evangelism by paying the tithe and supporting the Church projects, to the best of your ability and capabilities? Do you read the Bible? Do you follow the 10 commandments? What are your habits in 2020?

You must develop positive habits. Wake up early. Do your best always. Meet new people and ask to help them so that they feel obliged to return the favour. Act in the best interests of your peers and employer. Be trustworthy. Tell the truth. Be agile. And read.

This year, I have introduced a book reading challenge code-named #Read1BookWeekly. You can join me and you start developing. I share a new book every week which you must read. Every Friday at 8:00 pm we review your learning points and how to apply them in your life. I will share books that I have found impactful for your personal and career growth.

Are you ready to grow? What are your new year habits? Remember resolutions without strong values that are lived through positive habits won’t take you far. You need me as your accountability partner. If you are interested to join our weekly book club at your Church, go register with the Parish priest.

I wish you success in 2020 and beyond. Happy new year once again. NB: I am writing this 7,540 miles away from Kampala! The power of the Internet cannot be overlooked. Make it a point to embrace it this year.

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