Tools of academic giants: home study tips, Tool 2

Did you use this mnemonic? Rose of York Grows Better In Valleys? You know we have lots of Great Britain in our blood and

Did you use this mnemonic? Rose of York Grows Better In Valleys? You know we have lots of Great Britain in our blood and everything in between. Our founding teachers brought with them tools they used in their teens. And boy, these mnemonics were outstanding. And in our local dialect, our teachers devised this one for the rainbow, Richard Okello, Your Girl Betty Is Voting.

It was easy to remember all the seven colours of the Rainbow.

Red Orange Yellow Green Blue Indigo Violet.

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Tool 2 is Mnemonics.

Outstanding students are great at mnemonics. It does not matter which class you are, all it matters is your ability to find a correct mnemonic for the several points you need to remember. You need a mnemonic for the periodic table. Another mnemonic for the metric tables. And a mnemonic for any subject that you may think of.

During revision, you use the side notes of your book to summarize the points so that you can remember them.

I am not encouraging cram work. None of it.

The use of mnemonic is brilliance. The fact that you can study a topic and find a mnemonic that is ideal and easy to remember makes you a genius.

Take a look at this Runyankore English mnemonic to remember the Metric Table which gives pupils challenges – Kampala Haliyo Dance Makeke Don’t Care Madam. This is the reverse order of Millimeters Centimeters Decimeters Meters Decameters Hectometers Kilometers, stop. You know between each you multiply by 10. You keep adding another zero on the previous 10 the furthest you move away from Millimeters.

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Mnemonics are great tools for pupils in primary four and above. Give a topic to your child. Challenge them to come up with a mnemonic to summarize the several points. Remember, great mnemonics are memorable, catchy and relate to the issues at hand. You could come up with a mnemonic of how to keep the heart safe – and the mnemonic could be HEART – – Have great meals and a balanced diet, Exercise daily, Accept friends and live well, Read books about heart health and Take life easy.

The factors you need to keep your heart healthy are the heart itself. Such a mnemonic is fantastic as it is easy to remember and relate to, especially when things are tight during the exam.

Stay safe. Keep well.

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