Top secret to triple your success in 2017

This is the time of the year most people make resolutions for the New Year. Resolutions fail because they are not translated into actions

This is the time of the year most people make resolutions for the New Year. Resolutions fail because they are not translated into actions to become real. It is not enough to make resolutions for a new year. Have clear actions or activities to achieve them, and a yardstick to measure progress.

To make a better 2017, make few (two to four) resolutions. Review each and prioritize them, in order of importance.

Remember, priorities change often. Great people change their priorities “what must be accomplished today?” If your house rent is two month in arrears but also you have a sick child, when you get money what do you fix first? Of course, saving a life is your #1 priority. You don’t have to think twice about it. Spend the money, and then buy time with the landlord.

Pay attention to fixing things that must be done now, other than procrastinating. Do not make a to-do list. Make a priority list. To-do lists do not separate what has to be done from what is the most important thing to do now! And don’t stop there. Make a work plan to accomplish each item on your priority list. Life is about small improvements, done consistently. Have that habit in 2017.

Once you have a work plan, have someone who will hold your feet on the pedal to ensure you continue moving ahead, even on a steep slope.

Who is your mentor? Which kind of people/ person do you listen to for your career and family success? Who holds you accountable?

In any journey, especially life journey, you will feel exhausted. That day when you feel like not getting out of the bed. Which person will cause you to account for your actions that could affect your career?

Choose the people you listen to wisely. Get all the information you need to make an informed decision. It is good to follow your dream, but do not do so BLINDLY!

In 2007, I got an opportunity to travel out of the country to Cayman Islands to work as an accountant. Keep in mind I was just a year into my marriage. I really wanted to travel. I have always been fascinated by high-rise buildings and great roads, until these days when I have suffered so much cold abroad on time in South Africa, and when too much heat in Dubai, affected my holiday. Only in Uganda – these weather extremes do not exist.

As explained in the last issue, know who are your key stakeholders? My immediate family, parents, brothers, guardians and career mentors, always come on top.

Before consulting my family, many of my peers had told me to follow my heart. But then, my wife said, “first get the information you need, and decide the best for us all. Do not follow your heart blindly.” The same message echoed by my career mentor and family.

In the process, I stumbled on a website with a public forum where people already working in such tax haven Islands were sharing their experiences working there. Many posts, over 80% of them, were complaining of poor working conditions, very expensive cost of living, and slavery kind of working with no time to rest. “They make you work like dogs”, one person posted. Many advised, “If you can get any job in your country, never ever leave it for an offshore posting. It is not worth it.”

I decided to stay with my family and keep my job at one of the big four firms I worked as a consultant. As it turned out, that was one of my best decisions. You see, life is about making choices of the things you will do and those you will not.

As we enter 2017, do not follow your heart blindly. Ask. Research quickly and get all the information you need before deciding. Apply this skill to every decision in your life.

Remember, great people take decisions faster, and stick to them. Poor people take long time making decisions only to change them immediately after. That wastes time and resources.

Be blessed .

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