Topic 2: What is your ambition?

Target audience: Board Members, Top Management Team, and general staff training. Ideal for everyone interested in transforming their lives with original ideas to beat

Target audience: Board Members, Top Management Team, and general staff training. Ideal for everyone interested in transforming their lives with original ideas to beat the competition. Strategy facilitation talk delivered over five days period to top management team that wants to change their business with an organic strategy.

By the end of the Talk, participants learn:

1. The traditional planning process which starts with Vision (where do we want to be);

      • Mission (how do we get there); Goals and Objectives;
      • Analysis SWOT (SW – Strength and Weaknesses analysis [using 6Ms of Money, Machinery, Markets, Materials, Makeup, and Manpower], OT (Opportunity and Threats) using Porters Five – Forces Model and PESTLED, etc );
      • making strategic options,
      • analysis and choice and then waiting after one year to evaluate whether objectives have been achieved are one of the worst processes that are responsible for many corporate failures! Mustapha makes a case for the participants to unlearn the process and then introduces the modern one of the Industrial Revolution 4.0!

2. What strategy is and is not?
3. The #WinningTheGame Strategy approach – Four steps model for crafting an organic strategy that is easy to execute – perspective, context, strategy, and change. Mustapha uses useful exercises and analogies to drive the point home. Your team morale and focus will NEVER be the same after attending this session!
4. Technology strategy and the future of your business
5. What is your strategic foundation?
6. Your product strategy
7. The five (5) questions that define a clear strategy
8. Introduction to Blue Ocean Strategy, Competitive Strategy by Michael Porter, Playing To Win and the Balanced Scorecard
9. Why using a Balanced Scorecard to Craft a Strategy is Wrong and how to fix it. Hint: A balanced scorecard is ideal for performance management BUT not as a strategy formulation tool. Don’t use a tractor to travel a journey of 500 kilometers. Although you will arrive, chances of doing so quickly, cheaply and in time are low. That is what happens when companies use the BSC tool meant initially for 360 degrees of performance monitoring to craft a strategy!
10. Aligning corporate structure with strategy
11. Effective strategy cascading for ultimate execution excellence
12. Aligning capabilities and systems to strategic focus areas and scorecard.
13. Strategy automation
14. On-going strategy execution and monitoring – the practical secrets to leading for results.

The strategy retreat facilitation outcomes

(i). Strategy choices defined (on the one-page summary)
(ii). Scorecard (to measure strategy)
(iii). Structure (to implement strategy)
(iv). Financing strategy (the heart of business growth)
(v). Revenue strategy – target niche, products per customer segment; and channels to use as the geographical scope
(vi). Budget to implement the strategy
(vii). Workplans (as part of change management, Mustapha works with Directors and Managers to help them guide their own subordinates document their work plans.)
(viii). And more tools and templates.

For the board training, the session lasts 2 hours. For Executive Management, the course is 4 hours – 5 days long, as it is interactive and full of discussion as the team must be challenged to understand their business and strategic choices.

Have unique needs, contact Mustapha for free discussion via Skype:mmugisa using the subject “#Mr. Strategy Discussion”.

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