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Do you want to change your revenue trajectory instantly for your firm? Contact us to explore a strategic partnership to deepen your customer experience

Do you want to change your revenue trajectory instantly for your firm? Contact us to explore a strategic partnership to deepen your customer experience at an affordable fee.

Are you an existing services firm – audit, legal or accountancy firm that has an existing clientele, but are having limited-service offerings?  Here is an opportunity to tap into analytics, machine learning and artificial intelligence and strategy and risk automation solutions to offer new products to existing clientele and win. As our partner, you will tap into deep resources and expertise, increase your firm offerings, and broaden your revenue streams.

Below are some of the services we can jointly offer to your existing clients. We are also looking for internal partners to represent us in their respective countries. This is a huge opportunity for start-up consulting firms and professionals.

Offering Service break-down
summitBI and Data Analytics


1.1 Data Analytics and Business Intelligence training (includes advanced excel and python data analytics). [You can sell this to your existing clients, esp folks in finance. You leverage from your existing customers by suggesting a new solution to improve their competencies)

1.2 Data Analytics and Business Intelligence as a service – save money and get the most of your data [We help the internal team get any data analytics they need on-demand, by giving us read-only access, we set up our tools in their internal server and they do not have to pay huge capex to procure software and licenses for data analytics, dashboards, and reporting tools]

1.3 Automate your management reporting with dynamic dashboards and reports – from your current core systems like enterprise resource planning (ERPs) systems including Tally, QuickBooks, Core banking or any system you currently use [Your customers will save money and time to focus on more strategic things.]

1.4 Automate your regulatory AML compliance reporting [Save money, as bespoke or off the shelf software tools tend to be too expensive, yet our solution is custom-made and delivers even more value.]

1.5 Automate your regulatory IFRS 9 reports [want a demo, send a request]

1.6 Certified Business Intelligence Data Analyst Course [We can have an MOU to train some of your new hires at a lower fee in data analytics skills to become better auditors, consultants and experts.]

1.7 Build Internal Capacity for Data Analysis & Business Intelligence [We develop a data warehouse for your clients and build up their capabilities.]

summitRISK – Risk Management and Compliance 2.1 Enterprise risk Management (ERM) Maturity Assessment – to understand context and risk aspiration – as the first step in risk automation [we can work with you in this]

2.2 actionTEAM GRC software –software that automates risk management, strategy execution and performance management and compliance management. The tool also has board meeting management capabilities to ease communication.

Service 3:

summitASSURE to protect enterprise value and grow

No revenue leakage. No loss of intellectual property. No sleepless nights.

1.    Black Box and White Box Security Assessments

2.    Revenue assurance especially banks and telecoms

3.    Mobile Banking and Internet Banking Security Reviews and Assurance

4.    Digital forensics to determine who did what, where, when, how and why following a fraud incident, involving digital or otherwise

5.    Background check on key staff

6.    Due diligence and fact-finding investigations

We are available to show a brief demo of our data analytics, and actionTEAM GRC risk solutions to your team.

To book a virtual session to discuss this further, email strategy[at]summitcl[dot]com. Or submit an enquiry.

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