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Understanding the blue ocean strategy

Blue ocean vs red ocean strategy: do you know what this book is all about? Don’t worry.

Red ocean = lots of competitors in a market fighting for few customers. As they fight intense battles re price undercutting, aggressive marketing, back biting etc. they compete in the same niche and product range. Just like any battle, blood is shed and onto the ocean in which they are fighting. And hence the analogy Red ocean, for the red blood.

8606In Blue Ocean, a given firm identifies its own niche, and plays to keep ahead of the competition through aggressive competition, creativity and winning strategy. Such companies identify their own ‘ocean’ and play against themselves thereby shedding no blood! They are their own master. Always keeping ahead of the competition. In Kenya, Safaricom has done it. In social networks, Facebook and Twitter have done it. In productivity, Google has done it. And the list is endless. So, what every you do, how have you established your own blue ocean? You do not need to shed blood to succeed! — Mustapha Mugisa.

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