US Presidential election is over, what next?

Life goes on regardless of who occupies the White House. Unlike in the situation in many African countries where a change of the country’s

Life goes on regardless of who occupies the White House. Unlike in the situation in many African countries where a change of the country’s President means sweeping changes across all government institutions, that is not the case in the US. Visible leadership changes happen just within the White House! The leadership in technical departments of government like the Military, Prisons, Public Service, Education, Health, Energy, Infrastructure, Judiciary, etc. remain unchanged. Job holders are appointed on merit and that is what matters.

The 2020 Presidential Election has been a very tight one, underscoring the popularity and strengths of both candidates.  When you examine how tight the race was especially in the swing states, you understand how close the election was. It could have gone either way. Since no country can have two Presidents, the winner takes all!

Be it as it may, now is not the time for name-calling.

The vote has been won, by Joe Biden the President-elect. Congratulations.

The next phase is to plan and execute a peaceful transition of power to address the issues that were on the ballot.  Coronavirus has not gone, although CNN, has suddenly stopped showing the daily Covid-19 briefings which have been a daily fixture on the screen since February 2020. The media plays a large part in highlighting the challenges of the country and swinging public opinion. Now do not be surprised if CNN suddenly starts showing reduction and the discovery of the vaccine for the Coronavirus during the first 100 days of the new leadership! That is life.

I will miss President Trump. He was direct. Transparent. And spontaneous. He did not pretend.

But change is always good. I am thrilled to witness an American Woman Vice-President. It is a great milestone and progress for women empowerment. My daughters now have more role models to look up to. When you focus, you can always achieve even impossible. I take this opportunity to congratulate Kamala Harris as well. What a great achievement!

For us in Africa, what does the American election results mean?

America usually solves its problems. They never cry to the rest of the world to help. I do not see any visible change as a result of the new leadership in terms of solving the many problems in Africa of civil wars, poverty, inequality, diseases, and illiteracy among so many.

You must wake up early and go to work.

You must participate in the campaigns and election of the President of your choice. The new US leadership will not do that for you.

You must save for your retirement. No one will secure your retirement!

You must continue paying your daily bills, as they fall due. Else you will starve.

You will be vetted for your next visa application to the United States. There will not be any special treatment for having been red or blue. It does not matter.

That is what is next. The usual reality.

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