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Using Data Analytics to detect Fraud

Mustapha B Mugisa,  spoke at the Institute of Internal Auditors Uganda on the topic, using Data Analytics to detect Fraud. Read about the speaker introduction and topic highlights.


Making sense of big data, is the best skill you will ever master.


Using Data Analytics to Detect Fraud

Fraud by its nature is hidden. Unlike theft, where a stolen item can easily be detected as it will be missing. Fraud involves manipulation of records and burying it deep in the data. As an auditor, you need special skills and tools to be able to detect fraud.

And that is where data analytics comes in.

How do you remain on top of your game as a business advisor? How do you proactively get live notifications that something could be wrong? How do you understand the story being told by your everyday data? The secret lies in data analytics.

Mustapha B Mugisa, and his colleague, Richard Kanyesigye,  shared the secrets of data analytics. Mustapha  took us through the six step process of big data analytics for competitive advantage and fraud prevention. Richard  shared a demo on how to use everyday tools to analyze data and advanced data analytics tools.

Mustapha and Richard are Directors at Summit Consulting Ltd and are experts in their respective fields. Mustapha is a Fraud Examiner and also President of Association of Certified Fraud Examiners. Richard is a Big Data Analytics Expert at Summit Consulting Ltd.

Making sense of big data, is the best skill you will ever master.


Download the Data Analytics in Fraud Detection presentation here.

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