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What achievements would you attribute to the Parliament of Uganda?

What comes to your mind when you hear the name: Parliament of Uganda?

Which one word would you use to describe the Parliament of Uganda?

If you were to write an essay about the contribution of the Parliament of Uganda to national development, rule of law and democracy, and equal representation, National Resources allocation (budget) and accountability, which top five key points would you make? Justify.

Is it necessary for the Parliament to continue meeting during the lockdown period following the President’s Directives in response to #covid19? Who should cover the costs of such meetings? Please note that Presidential Directives affecting the whole country without having gone through Parliament is another word for the State of Emergency. During such a period, the government performs actions (like random and summary arrests of anyone who violate a presidential directive) that it would not normally do.

During normal times, when someone is arrested must be produced in court within 48 hours. However, during the current #covid19 crisis, if you are arrested for violation of the curfew hours without clear justification, Police or Army can arrest and hold you in prison for longer than 48 hours (I stand to be corrected!).

Back to my question: during the lockdown period, is it necessary for the Parliament of Uganda to continue sitting?

For the record, the Presidential Directives have been timely in flattening the curve and reducing the rate of the spread of the coronavirus in Uganda. Many countries like Japan, Ethiopia, etc have already declared a state of emergency to deal with the #covid19 pandemic.  The state of an emergency helps fast track decision making by avoiding the long processes of discussion and approvals which call for debates and time-wasting.

Again, what comes to mind when you hear the name: parliament of Uganda. What has been the role of Parliament in the fight against coronavirus?

For God and My Country.

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