What are your daily habits?

Have a daily routine that is productive. No team can win a game without scoring goals. Equally, no team can win a game by conceding more goals than it scores.

That same principle applies in business: sale more (score goals) and spends less (do not concede). When a team has no goal, it cannot win. All players must focus on getting that one goal without conceding. That is why the goalkeeper, also tries to push the ball as furthest as possible to increase the chances of scoring.

Great team players focus on the needs of the business that change often. You too must embrace habits that focus on scoring goals. This morning, what is your habit to score goals. In the private sector, no money on the table, no salary. So, putting money on the table habits are crucial for if you are to add value.

This morning, how are you putting money on the table? What are your top 3-5 activities you must do daily that focus on the top line? Are you planning to call a former client? Are you going to visit them? Are you offering the prospect of a free talk? Remember, as much as possible be in front of the true buyer.

That my friend is what makes good habits for business growth. Sit and wait may work, but will not transform business.

The pace of change outside the business is fast. You too must change faster if you are to win in this race to the client game.

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