What are your priorities?

Now that you know who you are, the next step is to ask what does success mean to you, and your key stakeholders. Your

Now that you know who you are, the next step is to ask what does success mean to you, and your key stakeholders.

Your family, relatives, friends and community are critical. At each stage of your life, who are those people with a lot of influence (in your career choice) and interest (in your success?)

What does success mean to your family? Your family- partner, children, parents, brothers and sisters and other relatives and friends to say you are successful, what will you have achieved? For your partner, is it a formal wedding? A roof over your heads both in the village and in town. Is it having a good car and taking your children to a school of your preference?

For your parents, do they expect you to build them a good home and set up a farm or shop or an income generating project OR it is just when you are able to follow the Gospel values, make money ethically and look after yourself and family very well without going back to them to beg for support? Or Both?

What are your parents’ exact expectations on you as their child? Is it when you own all major buildings in the city regardless of who dies as you make money or just having a reasonable job and working smart and hard as you support your family, siblings and neighbor?

How do you relate with your brothers and sisters? Are you the only one who is successful and is supposed to support them in terms of school fees up to university or until they drop out of school due to their indiscipline? Remember that it is not advisable for any married person to live with relatives in their home. Live with relatives before you marry, live with your partner and rent a house for your relatives. If you cannot afford such an arrangement, delay marrying as doing so could create chaos! This also depends on the kind of people involved.

And of course your relatives, friends and society,what are their expectations and interest in you? Your first call is to critical stakeholders. Those with high influence and interest in you. Do not disappoint them.

The mistake most people make is failure to understand their key stakeholders in their lines. They ignore their parents, partners and relatives; at the time these people need them most. The result is communication break down and in most cases isolation. To get a head, know your key stakeholders and their expectations on you.


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