What does success mean to you?

We all want to be successful. Most people define success in terms of accumulating a lot of money and having a tall building in the middle of the city. But is that true success?

Success is being financially independent, with good health and social respect. Financial independence is having enough to meet the basics of life and remain happy. If you can enjoy basic holiday and leisure as well as fix dependents that is great enough. As you make money, you must avoid lifestyles that expose you to health risks. In Uganda just like elsewhere, the cost of quality health care is expensive! Whatever is within your control, try to avoid now. Don’t go and sleep in the bar; get drunk to the extent of forgetting who you slept with and how you got home!

And you need to make your wealth ethically. Don’t kill or steal to gain riches – you cannot live with a wrong conscience!

Again, what does success mean to you? Feel free to comment below. Remember, just like all people are different (even twins), everyone defines success in their own way.  Others may look at it from the perspective of relationships, faith, happiness, or social standing et others from family, travel and exposure and education. Whatever your view of success is, focus on the outcome of whatever you do daily, why do you do it.

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