What is the role of a startup CEO?

The CEO is the top honcho of the business.

A start-up CEO invests ‘sweat capital’ in terms of setting up the business model, systems and recruitment to get the company moving. As a start-up, the CEO, usually the owner, is in the kitchen as a goalkeeper or is the striker as marketing and PR officer or does both roles.

If the CEO is the tech-guy, s/he must recruit the first staff, a marketing expert to help get the message to the market.

A start-up CEO is a chief sacrifice – puts on lots of time and energy to get the company running. Before you make any money, you work for free as you borrow to pay bills and new hires… You must think so strategically and far to make sure that the business does not run out of cash before you make your first sale.

Failed start-ups lack a charismatic CEO to set the right agenda and tone. To put in place the systems and processes – the building blocks of natural growth. Else, investors may bring in money, and you don’t have a clear plan to spend it sustainably.

You get the gist. The startup CEO is the chief planner and undertaker. Who brings the team of likeminded people together to achieve a common ambition. He or she is the most critical person. As they must hire the best people who have passion.

Passion = working every day even if you are not being paid because you believe in the vision of the business. It is the CEO that assembles a team of such passionate people.


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