What is your company’s vision? Or Aspiration? Or Ambition?

Vision, aspiration, or ambition – they all mean the same thing: where do you want to be? For the first time in my entire

Vision, aspiration, or ambition – they all mean the same thing: where do you want to be? For the first time in my entire consulting career, a prospect asked me a question no one has ever asked me during initial prospecting. From nowhere, the CEO asked: what is the vision of Summit Consulting Ltd?

As Mr. Strategy, understanding and owning our company vision is top of my agenda.

One of the reasons companies craft good strategy documents but fail at implementation is the poor communication of the same, where many of the team members lack an understanding of what the strategy is in the first place. A vision provides a good anchor to the strategy by setting the general direction of the destination – where is the company heading. Does the strategy help to define the easiest way to get there – which is the preferred route (choice) to get there?

If you want people to enjoy the conversation, ask them to talk about themselves.

The question about our company vision was like music to my ears. I replied, “our vision is to be a preferred provider of innovative and responsive solutions that transform the client’s condition on every engagement.”

I explained briefly what each word means – “preferred” means that if you have proposals from different companies, you should choose the one from Summit Consulting Ltd because of referrals and a good brand reputation. And “innovative” means we make your company competitive through better ideas to win in your business with your customers against the competition. “Responsive” means anticipating client needs and responding to them to meet the emerging challenges.

As a consultant, you want to say things that align with your prospect’s vision and values as well. For this particular prospect, the emphasis was out of the box thinking. So, our vision aligned well with the word “innovative” in it. Every project you engage us with is an opportunity to transform you to win.

And our mission is to “offer responsive forensics, advisory, and security solutions through digital and partnership channels to the private and public sector players.”

We got hired.

The CEO said you need to review our vision and vision to be clear as yours, especially to explain it so that people understand it and use it to guide day to day decisions.

SO, what are your vision and mission?  It is a generic statement or something that makes sense to every team member? To review your strategy or automate it for effective execution, contact us.

Another question I am always asked is: why do you exist?  Summit Consulting exists to provide proof of the presence of local talent to solve complex challenges and execute big projects if given opportunities by being identified, trained, and empowered on merit. At Summit Consulting, we employ young people fresh from University, train them, give them tools and exposure to win. When you join our team or work with us as your advisors, you are supporting this purpose. We provide thought leadership and contemporary training in areas like digital forensics, cybersecurity, data science, and strategy, to mention but four to empower people to win. We are always on the lookout for young people to join our team for a life-changing experience. Many of our alumni become outliers wherever they go.

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