What is your passion?

Even one will tell you to find your person and try to monetize it. However, when you ask people to tell you about their passion, they say statements like:

  1. a) Transforming the education system
  2. b) Mentoring people to live a good life
  3. c) Helping people become rich
  4. d) Pond fish farming and running a restaurant that sells only fish

Take a few minutes to re-read the above statements. Which one sounds more genuine and believable? I guess you chose d) Fish farming and opening a restaurant that sells only fish, because it is specific, more believable, and clearer.

From the surface, all four statements are correct in terms of articulating one’s passion. Finding passion is a result of an interplay of three issues: opportunity within your reach, for which you have the skills and competencies to tap into and enjoy doing most.

These three things must be true for any career to be referred to as your passion. You may want to transform the education system, is it an opportunity within your reach? Maybe not. Do you have the skills and competencies to tap into it? Maybe no, maybe yes. Do you enjoy doing it most? Maybe yes. The same applies to items a) to c). However, for item d) it is clear, you may be able to do it and tap into the opportunity.

Once again, what is your passion?

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