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What is your strategy?

Strategy are the choices a company makes to win with its customers against the competition. It is like in a football match or a political race.  How do you win the match? You must do some homework on how you will win: what is the desired result?

Figure yourself being declared the winner for a presidential race and ask: what will it take to win that position? You will need to garner more than 51% of the votes cast by say 10,000,000 approved voters, located in several counties. You must know the number of voters per county and your strong areas.  You must research and get facts of the key influencing factors to win the vote – which kind of message will specific kind of people want to hear? What are their major worries? How will you campaign? What is the strength of your opponent/s? What choices do you have to beat them? Where are they vulnerable most?

Remember the choices you make should increase your odds for winning and not guaranteeing it. Because there is no such thing like a perfect strategy.

As you can see, you make a series of choices of what you will do, which also means that you must decide what you will not do. If you do not know English, for example, your chances of winning a race for Landon Mayorship position is next to zero.  The odds are against you.  You must decide the factors that will lead to your winning and how favorable they are to you compared to your main rival.

The process of making choices should apply to your daily life. Your successful neighbor succeeded because they make better choices when faced with possibilities. You need knowledge and the sixth sense to make better choices. That is why folks who have read or are highly exposed, make more winning choices. And that is the edge they have over you.

Before you go into 100%, collect data and generate possibilities. Analyze each possibility to test the extent it can give you better results. Start implementing and keep being bold. Succeed.

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