What is your target?

If you don’t have a particular target, it becomes very hard to hit any other target. Most of us have taken long to identify our turf because we don’t have clarity of our targets. As a professional, the most important thing to ask yourself is which kind of career choices do you have to take; are you going to go through formal employment or entrepreneurship, are you going to succeed as an engineer, doctor or as an accountant?

Life is not a marathon. You may fail to maintain the pace. There are lows and highs. It is very important to set a target that is achievable. However, if you see what you are doing does not work, leave it. Otherwise it is very difficult to keep a very high tempo for a long time. You can only do so in sprints. However, once you start running 10 or 20 kilometers, you have to reduce the speed.

Remember in whatever you are doing,identify your target. If your target is moving, it becomes very difficult for you to hit it. Once you achieve your target, set another one. This gives you the opportunity of celebrating small milestones.If you don’t have milestones in your life it becomes very difficult to bench mark.


If you don’t have a particular target, it becomes very hard to hit any other target.


This is why people talk about dreaming yet they dream while asleep. When they wake up, they realize it was only a dream. But when you dream while you are awake, it is clear to see a target.

I don’t want you to think about stealing. Everything is about working very hard. If you look at most entrepreneurs or people who are successful, can you identify their wealth? If yes,these are the kind of people you want to be around with.Study their success behaviors and try replicate such discipline to your life.Some people give a rosy picture simply because they got some deals in the past. They got money and maintained the success. But when you go to the beginning tracing for their success, you find some gaps which you can’t explain. It becomes very impossible for you to replicate success behaviors of such people.

Identify targets – what exactly are your career milestones by when.Because you are growing and changing, the targets are also moving. Get an opportunity use it and move on to another one.Keep your ears and eyes open.All of us are looking for targets. A request for proposal, put in your best. It fails, you learn lessons. You get an opportunity, you submit.Until you do it, you don’t settle because life targets are always moving.

If you don’t break your career success into small milestones with clear fixed targets, you are going to have problems getting ahead. Remember, the best way to solve a big problem is to break it down.

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