What is your winning aspiration?

Traditionally, we have been taught that we need a mission and vision. However, a vision doesn’t help us improve. It invites us to remain stagnant. We end up dreaming out of the context. Somebody begins dreaming they want to own an aeroplane. Yes, it is very good to be stressed. But what does it help to dream owning an aeroplane yet in your family you don’t have a history of owing even a bicycle! It is good to dream big, but do so within context.

To dream, envision within context, personal challenges and environment. Your dreams will have specific practicalities for their attainment. The issue of mission and vision have made very many companies stagnate. It is nota competition in dreaming. Dream while awake (within context), so that you achieve.

This is why we are moving away from the era of mission and vision to winning aspiration. Winning aspiration is something pressing enough to wake you up very early in the morning to go to work. If it can make you wake up, it has reasons to impact your life.


It is good to dream big, but do so within context.


When I was a small boy, my dream was to go to secondary. When I joined secondary, my dream changed to come to go to Makerere University. After my admission at Makerere University, I dreamt of travelling to go to Hong Kong, Singapore, Dubai. When I achieved this, am now thinking how I go to Massachusetts Institute of Technology and speak to all these Engineers. Vision should keep on being contextualized based on your milestones. It is a step to better opportunities.

When you get a clear winning aspiration, you need to align it to the focus areas. Just like a house, you have a roof, ring beam, pillars and foundation. The roof is the winning aspiration. The focus areas are the choices you are making to achieve your winning aspiration. The foundation is your personality, culture, and background.Take time and ask yourself; who are you? Which kind of values do you need to deliver your winning aspiration? For example if you want to travel to Dubai, what kind of people do you network with? How much money do you need and where will you get it?

Once you put your winning aspiration clearly and articulate it, I can guarantee you will begin seeing success in ways you never knew existed.


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