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We receive an average of two new applications for positions at Summit Consulting Ltd daily. This is fantastic. However, it has become difficult to

We receive an average of two new applications for positions at Summit Consulting Ltd daily. This is fantastic. However, it has become difficult to reply to every application received, in line with our values and policy.

As Consultants and Advisors to some of the top private and public enterprises in the region, we are always on the lookout for great talent to join our Team. Our focus is on national talent. If you would love to work at SCL or recommend someone, take note of the following:

  1. At Summit Consulting Ltd, we empower local talent to transform the economy, one client at a time. When you join Summit Consulting Ltd, you become part of an ambitious team of professionals who transform businesses for the success of our staff and clients.
  2. We are always waiting for people with the right attitude, who can research, continuously study to improve, are open to learning multiple skills in coding, application development, programming, networking, digital marketing and branding, data analytics, research, and client presentations. To us, these are essential skills. We give you resources and support to learn these skills in your first three years at Summit Consulting to set a foundation for your unprecedented success. Many new hires who fail to master any three of these skills are always discontinued which has guaranteed maintenance of a small team of experts who are men and women of all seasons.
  3. The people we love are those who can supervise themselves, are very ambitious, willing to work hard with a focus on outcomes, not input. Someone who believes in being trustworthy and focused. We aim to prove that there are brilliant Ugandans who can do great work and execute big projects successfully to earn the trust of government and local employers in our local talent, save lots of money which the government spends in hiring foreign experts. We know it is critical to hire foreign consultants as no country can solve all her problems internally, just as we provide services to many foreign countries. However, such is only for a few specialized cases. And in any case, delivery is done in consortium with local experts.
  4. We believe there are many Ugandans with great talent and skills but lack opportunities to showcase them. We started SCL to find such great talent, provide opportunities for growth through training, mentorship, and exposure. That way we build national capacity with the expertise to consult for government and all institutions and thereby save the huge bills that would otherwise have been paid to foreign consultants doing the same job. For example, one of the top specialist areas is digital forensics and investigations.
  5. As members of the global exclusive private detectives’ association, we know the best way to investigate any fraud in any country is through a partnership with local private investigators. They know the legal environment, the police, the judiciary, and local practices. Clients, especially multi-national entities, lose over 80% of all investigations where they bring the Head Office experts to investigate without collaboration with local resources. The loss manifests in terms of high investigations costs in terms of travel, hotel, and inability to follow the evidence in the field as they cannot go into the field to follow the evidence, a role a national investigator can do with the right police officers. Collaborating with us, in the long run, benefits our clients, and the economy in terms of saved transfer pricing costs/capital flight.
  6. If you want to be part of a great team, join us. As you know, people are the most critical resource. However, when you recruit a wrong person into your team, the impact could be catastrophic. One negative energy person in a team of 20 positive people, can make all of the negative and less motivated. This is supported by mathematics. Negative one times any positive number is the negative of that number.
  7. For this reason, our leadership focus is on identifying the best talent from all over Uganda, training them to become the best in their chosen areas of expertise, and always remaining on the lookout for opportunities to retrain, mentor, support or where improvement fails, terminate and provide an opportunity for new talent. One person at a time.
  8. A company is like a tree. Fresh leaves come in one season, and in another season, they dry and drop off. New leaves then come and replace them. The issue is not holding any person captive. Rather, allowing them to shine and be part of the bigger dream – empowering local Ugandans with skills and mentorship they need to win as part of the team at Summit Consulting or in another capacity after their service at SCL for the greater good of our country, Uganda.

If you meet the following requirements, you are welcome to apply to join Summit Consulting:

  1. Uganda Certificate of Education, UCE, maximum score of 15 points in 8 subjects, with no more than a Credit 4 in mathematics.
  2. Uganda Advanced Certificate of Education, UACE, minimum score of 18 points, regardless of any combination offered. Science students have an added advantage.
  3. At University, regardless of degree offered, a minimum of a Second Class Upper.


And oh, because we believe in national talent, we also partner and collaborate, a lot, with seasoned national Consultants in different areas of expertise. If you are such a Consultant, visit Jobs Portal and upload your CV) or feel free to apply here.

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