What makes a best consultant?

A good consultant must leave the client better than they found them. How do you measure the impact of your work as a consultant or advisor.

I have noted that one thing that affects the consultant’s impact is corporate politics. All large company has some form of conflict. A good consultant must not take sides or try to undermine one group at the expense of another.

But that is not it.

Can someone be a good consultant by doing work at the consultant’s offices or by being stationed at the client’s offices? To what extent does the physical presence of the consultant create a high value perception?

The fact is physical presence may not increase value delivery. But clients perceive higher value when the consultant is onsite than remote. For that reason, a consultant based at the client during an engagement is more likely to get a retainer or referral than a remote one.

I’m Consulting, physical presence and ability to observe the conditions at the client are critical for value addition. Stop getting jobs and locking yourself at office. Go to the field. Go to the client and work from there. That is how value is delivered. Otherwise, they would have hired a virtual expert.

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