Who calls you and leaves you challenged?

This is a season of happiness and dreaming while awake.

You need to receive calls from people who energize by leaving you happy or challenged? If someone inspires you to reach for the moon, why not receive their calls often as well as call them?
“Is this Mustapha?” A caller on the other side of the line asked. I replied, who is this? I am xx, I attended your talk about team cohesion through frank communication with interest. I particularly loved your insights about the daily rituals that build trust among team members. How is your next Friday morning so that we explore how to work with you on a culture of execution with my staff?”

We all need calls like these. Such calls are full of energy.

Now imagine, a call like this: “Mustapha I attended your presentation on risk management. But do you think those people were listening? For me, I know what you were teaching, but these people of ours are lazy.” How do you respond to a person like this? I just replied, “let sleeping dogs lie.”

But some people can leave you highly deflated. For that reason, avoid listening to people you have not asked for their advice or opinion.

In this season of smiles, try to be happy. You have the power to decide who to listen to and which phone calls to receive. Remember, don’t ignore your supervisors’ calls. You need each other.

Copyright Mustapha B Mugisa, 2019. All rights reserved.

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