Who is your accountability partner?

Are you too good to be great? When you adopt a winning mind focus (WMF) you spark your mind and improve your odds of

Are you too good to be great?

When you adopt a winning mind focus (WMF) you spark your mind and improve your odds of success. No car inhales its exhaust and goes far. You need fresh air. You need an independent person to look into your plans and challenge you to not just do better but win.

Today I received very good news. One of the executives in my Executive Support Program (ESP) just got a letter of offer for a CEO role in one of the most dynamic markets in the region: Kenya. It’s good to help folks succeed.

After facilitating a strategic planning session, one of the middle managers approached me and said, “Mustapha I love your confidence and ability to be in charge of the room. When the Chairman is in the room, everyone is so uncomfortable. Worried and afraid to speak. But when they invited you to present, we got hooked right away. I want you to teach me how to become a pro like you.”

I love challenges especially from bold people who know what they want. The fact is if you do not take a deliberate effort, you will stagnate in your operational or middle-level job for ages. And think about it. Why do some people tend to rise quickly through the ranks while others tend to stagnate in lower and middle levels for eternity?

The winners take a step to become better continuously through getting close to the seat of power, networking and going an extra mile. Finding a support group or a senior person to guide you is a step towards your aspiration.

Now to you?

Who is your accountability partner?

Whom do you share your plans to deepen understanding to increase your odds of success? Do you just face an interview panel without expert guidance on what you will say, how you will say it and why? Do you practice answers to common questions to refine them and improve?

No one is too good to be great.

You can contact me today. I will be glad to be your accountability partner. Visit mustaphabm3.sg-host.com and join my private mentorship.  Do you have an upcoming milestone like a job interview or a board presentation? You need executive support to improve your odds of winning. Whether you are planning for a career transition into a more senior role or a change of jobs, Mustapha Barnabas Mugisa will help you be you and thrive.

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