Who is your lifejacket at the workplace?

Are you a swimmer? Ever since I came face to face with the grim reaper a long time ago in my teens, I have always looked at any pool of water with suspicion. I almost drowned if it was not for a true friend who threw me his life jacket.

Another time, years later, I gathered confidence and went to the Swimming pool in Kampala. Moving like a pro, I dived into the water. Little did I know that it was the deep end.

It is tough to try to float on water if you don’t know.

With a shock, I forgot all the rules while in water like staying calm, keeping your eyes open and closing your mouth while not breathing in or out. Before I knew it, a lifesaver had pulled me out. Good thing, it was still early morning and so, few spectators.

However, a pro swimmer you may be, don’t go into the water if you are alone at the swimming pool. For that reason, fishermen move two in the boat. You always need someone looking out for you.

When it comes to the workplace, you too need someone always looking out for you. What are your job expectations? How are you delivering on them? Which person gives you career guidance? Don’t find a mentor who has worked all their life in government jobs to guide you to thrive in the private sector. It just cannot work? Someone used to swimming pools may not help you survive the ocean waves!

Regardless of your job, you need a mentor. Someone who has been there. Done this and that. A good mentor has lived and experienced what you are currently going through and have the practical expertise to help save you several years of experience.

Who is your lifejacket at the workplace?

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