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Who Moved My Cheese

This is a copyrighted book. I have found it on line and I am sharing it with you.

Click here to download The Book Who Moved My Cheese.

This is a powerful book about change.

It is a story about three friends. They first discovered cheeze in a place and enjoyed it a lot. However, one morning they woke up and found the place where they had been enjoying cheeze was no more. And hence the title who moved my cheeze.

Finding no cheeze attracted different responses from the friends. One of them, instead of waiting, decided to immediately start looking for the new cheeze. He moved in the maze looking for cheeze, just any cheeze. It was handwork, tiresome and very discouraging. Finally, his persistence paid off. He found new cheeze which was far much and more tasty than what he had ever consumed.

Another friend, did not bother to look. He just sat them complaining of lack of cheeze. He never went far and did not improve.


Change is a fact of life. Don’t just sit there. Do something. Go out and look for cheeze.

Click here to download the Book : Who Moved My Cheese.

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