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Why should we say “chair” instead of “chairman”?

The world has transformed a lot. Gender balance activism and equal pay mean that some English words have been changed to reflect the new world order.

Ideally, the Chairman is the position of the overall top honcho of the board who presides all board meetings. This was true even when such a role or position was held by a woman.
Today, that is an issue.

How dare you call a woman, Chairman?

And so started modifications of some terms. “Chair” as in Madam “Chair” or just “Chair” to refer to the Chairman is seen as a nice bet and gender-sensitive. Now you have also seen titles like “Chairperson.” Of course, someone will say that is poor grammar. But if it is gender-sensitive, it is always good.

To solve all problems, while protecting the Queen’s language, people have now settled on “Chair.” I am sure when Robots start chairing meetings, the title of the Chair will remain relevant. It is good to think ahead.


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