Can you tell the difference between an income statement and a balance sheet? Do you understand why a business that’s profitable can still go

Can you tell the difference between an income statement and a balance sheet? Do you understand why a business that’s profitable can still go belly up? Has the grasp of your company’s numbers helped or hurt your career? Do you understand your role in the financial performance of your business? If questions like these make you sweat or worry, this training is for you. Based on Harvard Business Review’s Exclusive Training Materials, you will get the tools and gain confidence you need to master finance basics, as all good professionals must.

summitF4NFPs Toolkit Training is ideal for professionals who wish to get knowledge of key financial principles and understand how financial decisions impact an organization’s financial health. You’ll learn to read and analyze financial statements, use financial controls to meet business objectives, translate performance into financial terms, communicate with financial teams and take the guesswork out of critical decision-making. Get your Boss proud of your understanding of ratios and bottom-line targets and sit with confidence at the EXCO level.

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  • Enhance your financial knowledge and skills to give you an advantage in your functional roles
  • Understand how value is created in a business and how you can contribute to value creation. Keep costs from killing your bottom line or departmental performance
  • Invest smartly through cost/benefit analysis and be a darling to your stakeholders. Sell your brilliant idea with ROI and get your top management to approve all projects that you present. Get the CEO to love the quality of your reports
  • Avoid putting too much faith in the numbers as you will learn how to quickly analyze them and discover the lies behind if any
  • Improve your personal and family finances by learning the art of money management
  • Attain financial literacy that transforms your career and business
  • Staff motivation and career growth. SCL pieces of training are practical and very engaging. Your staff will never be the same again after the experience. You will see it in terms of turnaround times, speed of execution and love for the jobs. Let your people look forward to coming to work tomorrow.


    1. i) This is a fast-paced class. You have the option for in-house training for a duration of two (3) days. You will study at your own pace.
    2. ii) The break-down of the fee for upcoming training (general class) is as follows:
    3. Tuition, 700,000, net of taxes.
    4. T-shirt, notebook and pen, Ugx 100,000 (Optional).
    5. Printed materials charges, Ugx 100,000 (Optional).
    6. Buffet Lunch, Refreshments and Fruits for 1 day, 100, 000 (Optional)

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