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I am called Mustapha B. Mugisa, MBA, CPA, CFE. And I help organisations like yours develop winning strategies. After several years of helping organisations

I am called Mustapha B. Mugisa, MBA, CPA, CFE. And I help organisations like yours develop winning strategies. After several years of helping organisations stop revenue leakages (fraud management and forensics), I am now helping organisations grow their revenues! Welcome to developing a winning strategy.

A little bit about me

I was prize winner (scored highest mark) in Corporate Strategy, the then ACCA paper 12 exam in June 2002. Thereafter, I got fascinated by technology. I have always wanted to be a market leader. Not follower. My decision to become Certified Information Systems Auditor (CISA) was deliberate. My career focus then was being recognized as a top auditor in the country. With IT driving every business, CISA opened lots of opportunities for me. It was CISA that helped me get a job in a global audit firm.

The decision to enroll for Master of Business Administration was a great one. You see, great leaders must have ability to make sense of facts and figures – the financials. You must understand what exactly drive shareholder value? Knowledge of key business aspects and how they come together to make a winning formula is a key differentiator. All companies have some money, markets, materials, manpower, and machinery. The difference is makeup: how exactly do you link these resources to deliver outstanding results? How do you decide which areas to focus on and which others to drop? A good MBA opens up your mind.

Over the years I have gained lots of skills in finance and technology. IT drives business growth. Finance helps measure the rate of that growth.

And that is why they call me Your Success Partner. I help see things from all points of view.

Over the years, I have helped so many companies fix their fraud problems. I have investigated over 80 cases and witnessed so many young people with bright future cut short. Reason: lack of clarity of how great their future is. The companies they work for are unable to properly articulate to them the future of their careers if they continue with the company.

The lack of a shared vision.

When I come to help you execute your strategy, I help your team understand exactly their key result areas at different levels – operational, which feeds to tactical, which feed to strategic including the kinds of tools to measure progress and the frequency. The best approach is on-going measurement say monthly to ensure any diversion is arrested immediately.

Please spare ten minutes off your busy schedule and read the below carefully. If you are too busy, just read the highlighted section. It summarizes everything.

I am asking you to invite me to facilitate your strategic retreat.  If you are already done with it, let me come and speak to your team on effective strategy implementation. This is one of my most successful keynotes. Makes your team own up things.

I want you to make a strategy that is unique, effective and implementable. Just a one page strategy you will be proud of.

You probably already have a great strategy in place. That’s great. However, many good strategies fail at implementation. Why? Many reasons…

I wish to interest you in the new strategic planning model: Winning The Game, a new approach to strategic planning. Attaining exceptional growth in the telecoms sector is possible but it takes seamless implementation or execution.

Even if you have finished your 2014 strategy retreat, I request you give me a one (1) hour session to speak to your topmost management team about this new strategy execution game changer model. This will be one of your best investments. How do you position your company for unprecedented future success in this competitive business environment? The answer is Winning The Game strategic planning model.

You see, traditional strategic planning is abstract and always out of context. Lots of time is spent in analysis with no clear focus. To get my point, spare few minutes and read this.

I know your time is limited, just like mine. But you will not see serious growth in terms of market share and impact if your strategy is flawed, as implementation will fail. And you will get to realize this at the year end. Most of the time, you will receive excuses and no results.   The truth is: most staff think that strategy is the same as a plan. That is wrong. Worst of all, many company plans are 20 – 50 pages document with about 40% of data on “macro-economic review” which add no value to the strategy. Don’t make your strategy a research paper!  If your strategy is shorter, well and good. If you are executing it effortlessly, you don’t need to read further.

What next?

This is to recommend a presentation to your topmost executive team on “Winning The Game: Effective Strategy Execution.” It costs US $2,000, but I will make the presentation to your team at just US $500. In case you are not satisfied, I will forfeit the fee. So, you will lose nothing!

You will learn practical tools to achieve real results and execute your strategy better. If your team appreciate the value of the talk, gives you clarity to move ahead, then additional token of appreciation will be in order.  One of the top services we offer is ensuring proper accountability and monitoring mechanisms are put in place for effective strategy execution.

You can reach me on 0712984585/ 0782610333 or email in case you need a face to face meeting over the new strategic planning approach.

Presentation is ideal for senior management team or board members. That is the level of strategic ownership for effective execution across the board. Top leadership buy-in is key for strategy success.

Wish you success in your new strategy.

© Mustapha B Mugisa, 2014. All rights reserved.

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