September 17, 2021#WinningMindspark

Winning with the Parish Model and Emyooga initiatives

The NRM story goes -- the focus of this Kisanja2026 is transformation. To transform is

September 7, 2021#WinningMindspark

Higher qualification: Certified Fraud Examiner

Which academic qualifications do you need to do to achieve career aspirations in your life?

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August 23, 2021#WinningMindspark

Do pre-qualification bids work?

#mindspark. I need guidance. Many times my company receives requests for pre-qualification bids, where you

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August 19, 2021#WinningMindspark

Think like a business person

#mindspark Lessons from #JMB of EY  L1: Technical people complain about lack of resources. Business

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The cybercriminals are collaborating, what about you?

If you are a cybersecurity researcher, you have probably heard of increasing cybercrime collaborations and partnerships to fast-track skills development, increase reach and capabilities

Nothing happens to you, it happens because of you, part 4

The fourth and final D is to be DELIBERATE about creating impact at the workplace. Are you a freewheeling opportunist or a deliberate planner?

How to Conduct Enterprise Risk Maturity Assessment

The first step in implementing effective risk management (fraud risk and cybersecurity risk) program is context analysis to establish the current state against the