July 24, 2021#WinningMindspark

Focus on enjoying the journey, not the destination

#mindspark There is always someone better. Relax. And move at your own pace. When I

July 23, 2021summitSECURITY

The cybercriminals are collaborating, what about you?

If you are a cybersecurity researcher, you have probably heard of increasing cybercrime collaborations and

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July 23, 2021#WinningMindspark

Nothing happens to you, it happens because of you, part 4

The fourth and final D is to be DELIBERATE about creating impact at the workplace.

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July 23, 2021#WinningMindspark

Few big customers or many small ones?

What strategies are you pursuing deliberately? Is your business model built for volume (scale) or

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What keeps you up at night?

#mindspark #justforlaughs In 2020, Harvard University ran a series of thought leadership virtual sessions for friends of Harvard University in Africa, including the alumni

16th Sunday In Ordinary Time Year B

Theme: Care Preaching the Gospel and translating authentically in words and works can prove to be difficult especially when it comes to standing for

Twelfth Sunday in Ordinary Time Year B

Theme:  Even the storm obeys! The fact that vast water masses comprise two-thirds of the earth’s surface makes them appear mysterious and amazing. In

Eleventh Sunday of Ordinary TimeYear B

Theme: Kingdom Today we handle the message given to us in parables. Parables are specific literary forms used to deliver a needed message for

“Love, you do not look fine”, My Coronavirus ordeal

I survived COVID-19 and I am happy to tell the story. By the time you read the last paragraph of this article, you will