10 reasons for a career in cyber security and forensics?

 10th reason: Cyber security and forensics offers skills in high demand for your personal success by all organizations.   Which professional do you call

 10th reason: Cyber security and forensics offers skills in high demand for your personal success by all organizations.


Which professional do you call when your car has engine problems? You call in a mechanic.

Who do you call when you want to manage your personal, family and business finances? You call an accountant, right?

Who do you call when your mobile phone or computer gets hacked? You call in a cyber security expert.

You need to specialize in a field that gives you lots of career opportunities whereby your skills are demanded by all companies, large or small. Today, all companies are highly automated. This exposes them to risks of cyber security breaches.  Every day we read in the newspapers that so and so has been hacked! So many people on social media have been victims of identity theft, phishing, email hacking and cyber harassment and don’t know who to go to. At Summit Consulting Ltd, we only take on corporate client’s cases and not individuals. This means there is a very huge market for your services. And this market will continue rising as Internet costs become cheaper and everyone owns a mobile device. Are you gaining skills to make you a professional in demand in the near future?

Let me tell you this:

Today, global superpowers have invested heavily in their cyber warfare – both offensive and defensive capabilities. That is why all countries are the space race. Creating an infrastructure for international communications and securing the same is mission critical for any nation. Cyber warfare exposes the country to attacks by enemies located thousands of miles away. Unlike traditional warfare of close contact, you must use technology in all elements of war – intelligence gathering, analytics of intelligence data, real time spying and data collection, secure briefing to all leaders and secure intel data storage. The army, any army, globally needs brilliant cyber security professionals who are skilled, loyal and trustworthy.

That is not all.

Companies like banks, telecoms, insurance and small businesses are using technology to be competitive. They need cyber security experts. When you come to IFIS to acquire practical skills, if you pass your exams and practical classes, we guarantee an Internship opportunity which culminates into a job.

Our class sizes are limited to 20 students per intake. This means, you must apply early to not miss out. Our training is practical – with a real cyber expert and select professionals training you step by step throughout our carefully crafted unique curriculum that will set you apart from the rest.


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