A CEO’s Internal memo at home following #COVID19 lockdown

Note: In the context of the family setting, staff are the children. The personal assistant is the wife and the HR officer is the

Note: In the context of the family setting, staff are the children. The personal assistant is the wife and the HR officer is the house helper. The shareholders are the Parents and all family members and relatives. The stakeholders are the family friends, neighbours and community

The CEO’s Internal Memo after two weeks of lockdown is below.

From: CEO

To: All Staff

Date: 14th April 2020

Subject: COVID19 pandemic profit warning

Covid19 is a significant event for our generation. The pandemic has disrupted our way of life and it is not relenting yet until a vaccine or cure is found. As leaders of the world plan to re-open the cities even before a vaccine/cure has been found, it is a calculated risk to take: do we let people starve in their homes or we open the economy so that people can eke a living while being careful not to contract the covid19 virus.

Now is the time to start adjusting to a world with covid19, just like the world adjusted to HIV/AIDS, cancer and other deadly diseases.

Going forward, we must make changes to our lifestyle to adapt to the new world order characterized by covid19 and other risks. In the short-term, we shall focus on the following priorities:

a) Stop the bleeding – save on meals and power.

When a person gets an accidental bodily injury leading to bleeding, the first aid is to stop the bleeding. Likewise, our home must identify all the processes and activities that lead to wastages and loss and stop them immediately. No more cooking more than is needed. Supper meal shall no longer be served as a health practice, as well as a cost-cutting intervention. Effective immediately, HR shall provide heavy breakfast and lunch. Any leftover at Lunch shall be applied to supper especially for staff who need it most. This initiative is expected to save on electricity and charcoal and reduce food wastage.

b) Working and study hours

All staff shall report to work at 8 am. You shall be expected to get out of bed by 5:00 am, help HR with house choirs and prepare to go to school/work in time. Anyone who fails to report in time shall be disciplined as per the family rules specifically working with HR in the administration of the home and preparing meals.

Work shall end at 5 pm. After this, you shall be free to play games, read a novel or catch up on a documentary. No cartoons or cartoon movies shall be entertained during weekdays.

c) Private office

Only the personal assistant and the CEO shall be allowed to access the main room. No other staff, specifically HR, can enter the room at any time during day or night. You are expected to keep noise levels low. The living room has been dedicated to the office and classroom. Since this is a shared multiple-purpose room, you are all required to work/study in silence.

d) Playing outside of the compound

No one can entertain any visitors. From time to time, stakeholders like rubbish collectors shall visit our house. No one can open for them other than the HR, who shall be expected to wear a face mask during their visit, and thereafter bathe and change clothes after. HR shall be stay alert and keep a social distance of at least 5 meters between the collectors during their visits. Any other visitor shall be made attention to the CEO before they are allowed into the compound.

e) Revenue

During this period, we are not earning. You must support our cost-cutting efforts so that we can last the 21 days extended lockdown period. Do not leave the light on in a room with no one inside. Avoid unnecessary cooking. The only HR shall make family meals twice a day. Use water sparingly. Iron only essential clothes.

Our family is built on a strong foundation. Over the years, we have managed to accumulate savings for rainy days like these during the lockdown. I thank you all for your understanding when we had to save which has now come to our aid. Your support during these days shall help us not deplete the savings.

Also, I encourage each one of you to explore revenue-generating opportunities we could tap into. If you have an idea, let me know so that we support it. You can start a youtube channel for your talents like on-line training using the CEO’s Internet and mobile phone. Or you could sing. Or offer online counselling. The Internet offers many opportunities which if you are determined could tap into for growth. The tough part is how to start. I am ready to support you.

I am so happy to all of you for the great work you are doing. If we work as a team, leverage our strengths we shall win. I am grateful to each one of you for your understanding and support for my leadership.

Let’s work smarter, harder and above all as a team. Together we shall come through this covid19 lockdown smarter and stronger.


Copyright Mustapha B Mugisa, 2020 All rights reserved.

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