A week with aviators and airline leaders

If you want to be a good business advisor, you must continuously exercise your brain including doing lots of reading, crossword puzzles, and of

If you want to be a good business advisor, you must continuously exercise your brain including doing lots of reading, crossword puzzles, and of course playing chess and any other game you love. You must be curious and stay ready.  My experience shows that generalists consultants are more engaging and empower the client more. Many companies already have experts and specialist professionals in their ranks. All they need is a facilitator who challenges them to think deeper about their context, current challenges and how to solve them.

Working with many clients allows you to learn about many things. And the recent retreat at Mount Elgon Hotel, Mbale was such a great learning experience. With three pilots in the room, and other great aviation practitioners with over 20 years plus in the industry having worked with most of the African airlines, the retreat was a great opportunity to learn everything aviation – one of the most dynamic sectors at the forefront of digital disruption.  Aviation is so captivating that every staff speaks the aviation language. Because the aviation sector is highly regulated, aviators and all airline workers are highly exposed and informed. From the chief executive officer to the ground operations officer, these folks know everything about security, safety, reliability, and the business model. They know they sell safe travel. And that is their stock in trade because a single incident of merely displaced passenger luggage could stir a social media movement that could threaten the gains of an entire year’s work!

A week with airline leaders was a time well spent. The nature of the business makes people travel to many countries a lot, which means a lot of exposure to different cultures and experiences. Each trip is a story. One of the stories stood out, but the rules of confidentiality may not allow me to retell it!

As we discussed the future of the airline, I was lost in thoughts. The quality of talent in the room. The passion with which they discussed the future of the airline. The ambition. The energy. And the confidence gave me satisfaction that the airline is indeed in great hands. They say the test of good leadership is the ability to empower others to succeed. The fact that we had the CEO, and all directors in Mbale for a retreat, while the airline continued to operate proved further the effectiveness of the delegation and succession plan at the airline. Great journeys start small. And I am happy for being part of this.

Can you guess the airline in question? Why do you think so? What is your most memorable experience with the airline? Please share the details of the trip as well. Comment below.

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