Anti-gay bill signed into law by President Y. K. Museveni

President Y. K. Museveni, has signed the bill into law, with appreciation from majority of Ugandans who see “Westernization” as a threat to the

President Y. K. Museveni, has signed the bill into law, with appreciation from majority of Ugandans who see “Westernization” as a threat to the country’s’ values.

Speaking at the signing function, the President Museveni said “homosexuality was the result of “nurture” NOT “nature”. He added that most gay people in Uganda were “mercenary”. Find the President’s full speech here.

The signing has come just a week after the ruling party’s retreat in Kyankwanzi where the President was endorsed as the single candidate for the upcoming 2016 elections. The President seems to have bowed to the pressure of most NRM parliamentarians who were supportive of this bill.

The President has also been under intense pressure from allies and international pressure groups not to sign the bill into law. Uganda is said to be a strong ally of the USA, and H. E. Barack Oboma is said to have personally contacted the Ugandan President agaist signing the bill into law.

This did not stop H.E Museveni from signing the bill into law with a justification that “homosexuals cannot force us to do something fundamentally wrong.”

The promotion of homosexuality is considered to be a move to reduce population growth in some countries. If everyone becomes gay, who will reproduce for the world tomorrow?

The president’s signing of the bill is seen as a direct confrontation to his allies especially to US and Europe, who had strongly advised the President against signing the bill referring to it as “draconian law.”

According to the President, his passing of the law is strictly on moral grounds. The argument of human rights does not make a lot of sense for people to do things that are considered against the norms and the natural law of reproduction. Majority of Ugandan voters, many of whom have no access to Internet and live in rural Uganda, support the President’s position of making gay illegal.

Indeed in some single sex schools in Uganda, the practice is said to be picking up and is a cause for concern for many parents.

As I write this, Kampala city is being besieged by unusual weather characterized by strong winds and thunderstorms.

We hope that the right decision has been taken by the Ugandan President and America and Europe accepts Uganda’s position and live with it.

Welcome to 2014.

Read the President’s full speech here.

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