Are you in charge? Leadership questions during #covid19

I am a father of four. I am Chairman and CEO at my home. As a leader, this lockdown provides an ultimate test to

I am a father of four. I am Chairman and CEO at my home. As a leader, this lockdown provides an ultimate test to my leadership effectiveness.

During a crisis period like this, the first objective is survival. Then growth.

How do you lead the family out of this pandemic? Which of the people at home can move out to replenish essential supplies? What are the most important supplies that must be available? If the lockdown was to be extended, how will the family survive? What plans are in place to stay home, safe during this lockdown?

Long term, how can the children continue learning and the family survives in 5-10 years? At the family level, the head of the family’s primary challenge in winning now and during retirement. how do you continue earning even during a lockdown at family and personal levels? Many a leader will not exit leadership positions until they can adequately answer that retirement question.

Winning during retirement is about continuing one’s standard of life the longest without any worry. We are all working hard every day to fix such a challenge.

What changes must be made to our family strategy and outlook?

Great leaders also, answer the following questions:

  • what do you do to encourage your people to feel good about
  • How often do you praise others for what they bring on the table?
  • How often do you reflect on your strengths and what you are good at?
  • How much time do you spend playing to your strengths?
  • How often do you think about how what you are doing today will deliver your vision in 5-to10 years?

When you ask the right questions, you win. Keep answering questions.

Remember, no one can give what they do not have. To succeed as a leader, you must first accept to be a student of leadership. To read books. Research. Find a mentor. And interact closely with leaders you admire.

It is an ongoing journey. Embrace it.

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