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Are you worried about the impact of Covid19 to your business or organization?  No one could have anticipated a pandemic in early 2020 that

Are you worried about the impact of Covid19 to your business or organization?  No one could have anticipated a pandemic in early 2020 that could lead to a lockdown of cities, loss of life and closure of borders to the extent we are witnessing.

This is our reality today.

As we have written in our report, Impact of Covid19 to Businesses, some organizations could close shop if continuity actions are not taken quickly.  Sitting and waiting has never been the best course of action during tough times.

To this end, we have organized a Covid19 Business Continuity and Disaster Recovery Training. We have updated our training program and course materials following the covid19 pandemic to create organizational resilience and business continuity after the lockdown. We know it is not easy. But you can salvage a lot by taking stock of your critical processes and capabilities, taking advantage of opportunities and conducting business impact to keep the key operations running, as you optimize your cash flows.

This is not about the theory of business continuity and risk management plans that never get tested. The pandemic has already struck. Businesses have been under lockdown, and others are still closed. Cities are closed. Borders are closed. Donors and strategic partners are having a lot of challenges to address back home. Each country seems to be on its own. So are businesses. Before you wait for government policy interventions, now is the time to put your house in order.

Remember, good luck is when preparedness meets opportunity.

Why the training now:

You will learn about risk management as well as how to ensure business continuity amid the pandemic.

These are difficult times. You need to create awareness to your staff, partners and all stakeholders about how the business landscape is being re-written. This training is urgent and critical and will be delivered interactively to optimize skills transfer. We want you to do it yourself. If time allows, we shall share with you finance models to help examine the worst-case scenario and plan accordingly.

The Covid19 Business Continuity and Disaster Recovery Training is available on-line as well as Face to Face, once the lockdown is lifted.

The training objectives are:

1) Know the impact of #covid19 on your organization — a situation analysis and self-assessment overview – using Business Impact Analysis Tools to identify most critical capabilities; and how to rationalize resources and continue processes.

2) Planning for continuity – How to Plan for continuity of key operations. You will prioritize resources and team alignment so that the organization continues operating

3) Winning: How to identify opportunities amid huge challenges for your business and win – take a deep dive to assess the opportunities present that could present a silver lining amid the challenges.

4) Introduction to ISO 22301 Business Continuity Standard overview — to know best practices.

5) Developing A Business Continuity Plan in Response to Covid19 and other potential exposures. We shall share a template to enable you to do it yourself. We shall be available to provide ongoing support.

The above training duration is 12 contact hours or 2 days of training. However, it can be summarized for the Board of Directors and Top Management Team and be delivered in 4 hours.

We recommend the training to the Board and Top Management; as Phase 1 and all Staff in phase 2.  This shall help clarify roles, prepare people for any upcoming challenges and create a readiness for change during these tough times. People must know what is expected of them and the changes that could arise due to this pandemic. That way, change is prepared for and business decisions shall be easily embraced.

When you provide clarity of the journey, people prepare well and face whatever is on the way with confidence.

Fee: US $300 per person. However, during this covid19 period, we are giving a 40% discount for a limited time only as our corporate social investment. The fee may be negotiable depending on your organization’s objectives; and timing. First come first served. This course is available on an exclusive basis.

We look forward to working with you. For more details, contact our Team Leader, Mustapha B Mugisa, 0782610333 or For a complete brochure, contact us.

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