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Don’t put everyone on the frontline; you need generals To Think and Plan for the business

There is a reason why every organization must have an organogram. As a CEO, you need to have people at the frontline for the day today, tactical team to guide those at the frontline and people at the top to see far where tactical and frontline cadres can’t see. If all your team is involved in the day today including people who should be thinking about long term, chances that your team thinks day today is very high. Your best generals are equally on the frontline fighting!

When your generals are fighting with the corporals and the regular team, there is no chain of command. Should the opposing army kill one of your generals amongst the regulars, then they have a big catch. This means end of the war and loss to your side. You will have a sudden death of your business if there’s no clear segregation of roles. You are getting the best brains to do the work they shouldn’t. It’s like judging a lion by its ability to swim, you might think it can’t do anything for itself. You have organized your business where everyone is involved in the day today affairs.

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To overcome such challenges as a leader, you need to have a staff redeployment matrix from a strategic perspective. Put the right people in the right positions so that you can deliver outstanding results. More than ever, you need guidance to restructure and have a clear strategy in place focused on the long term. Then ask, what is that you need to do on a day today basis to achieve the long term. If you are to fly to Nairobi, what is that you need you get there? First, you need to acquire a passport if you don’t have one otherwise you won’t go past the border.

If you don’t have someone thinking about the journey to Nairobi and what it takes, you will never get there. Likewise, in business if you don’t have people thinking about long term, you will never go any far. We have seen many businesses close even when they are outstanding from the execution point of view. Why? They are putting all their best people on the frontline and don’t have some people aside planning for the business. For growth, you don’t need to bring everybody on the table. Get the best people in the room so that they craft an organic strategy. This will help you focus on important issues, make decisions, delegate and not waste much time Putting Out Fires.




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