#Covid19: Lessons from around the world…

The world is closed for business thanks to #covid19. No one knows for sure when this coronavirus pandemic shall be subdued. Cases continue to

The world is closed for business thanks to #covid19. No one knows for sure when this coronavirus pandemic shall be subdued. Cases continue to rise by the day. As of this writing, there are 3,116,992 of which 217,183 have died, representing a 14.4% case mortality rate. This means, on average, for every 100 people infected with the coronavirus, 15 people die. The US has a 5.6% case mortality rate, which is below the global average at 14.4%. The best strategy to manage the virus is to test as many people as possible.

The following are some of the lessons I have learned from #covid19 pandemic:

  1. Test, isolate, quarantine, and treat. This is the best strategy across the lifecycle of the pandemic. However, early implementation delivers the best results, as the case in China.
  2. Track all suspected cases for timely testing. Anyone suspected to have been in contact with a confirmed covid19 case must be tracked, tested and isolated until results are confirmed, and handled accordingly
  3. Social distancing and basic personal hygiene works best if people are well informed to practice it consistently
  4. Centralized communication and the unified command is the best strategy, as the case in China
  5. Mass disinfection points that are mandatory is the effective strategy to deal with many people as the case in Asia
  6. One reckless family member exposes the entire family, so social distancing is critical. However careful one may be, anytime they are vulnerable to infection. Care must be taken all the time.
  7. During a crisis, martial law delivers fast results as the case in countries that announced a state of emergency
  8. Noisy media in a democratic environment creates a lot of noise thereby distorting information. Some level of media control is essential for the security of the nation during a pandemic
  9. No one is safe. We must work together to fight covid19.
  10. Politics and #covid19 management do not mix. Such delays decision making. Makes leaders worried about their political capital and may lead to bad decisions that worsen the problem.
  11. On a personal level, always have savings for a rainy day. Never put all your money in the business as you don’t know when you need cash to survive
  12. At the end of the day, your family is all you have. Start investing in your home and family.
  13. When you share the little money you have with your relatives and close friends, they don’t even send an SMS to acknowledge receipt of the support from you. Because they have an entitlement mentality. However, when you share the little with the neighbors and other strangers in need, they appreciate and thank you profusely to the extent of getting ashamed! I just gave Ugx. 15,000 (the US $4) to a lady neighbor for a kilo of meat, she thanked me several times. Yet, I had given some of my friends about Ugx. 50k (US 14), and they even never sent an SMS! Try to spread your help. Sometimes, people, you give support, do not need it, maybe they don’t value it.

When in doubt, offer help anyway.

Which other lessons have you learned from this covid19 pandemic?

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