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Covid19 risk assessment and crisis management, part 3

It started like hearsay in Wuhan China. Now it is a global pandemic. Globally, WHO has the most up-to-date information on the #covid19 situation. The latest report can be obtained from here

According to the recent report dated 25th March 2020, globally, there are 414 179 confirmed cases, of which 40,712 are new cases recorded on 24th March 2020 and a total of 18,440 deaths, and a total of 2202 death reported on 24th March 2020.

The most hit region is Europe, with over 50% of the cases.

As the problem increase, there is a need for the establishment of communication protocols at the national level. This helps reduce misinformation and creates clarity. The president’s initiative for frequent updates on the #covid19 situation is commendable. Clear directions and guides have been given and the public knows what is expected of them to control the spread of the virus.

But we can do better.

Just like what the World Health Organisation has done, there is clear daily updated information about the virus, guidelines to manage the virus and the global situation. This is what the Ministry of Health must do – establish a portal with all information about the pandemic and the status in Uganda.

Most critical, the government must make a directive stopping any person from providing advisory on the management of #covid19 apart from the authorized officials in the Ministry of Education. For example, one of the local musicians has posted a message of twitter and other social networks with misleading information about the prevention of the virus. Given such people have huge social media following, their advisory is not welcome at this time.

Since the government reported the first five cases, only two weeks have passed. This means we must wait another 14 days before the full extent of the problem is realized. The government must issue directive now specifying the official source of credible information on the #covid19, the authorized persons to issue the information and stop the general public from reporting cases other than amplifying data already shared by the specified official spokespersons.

I wish you a safe life. Stay at home. Only send out one person to buy food.

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