Group mentorship is where I mentor group of people at a time in my mentorship forum. This is the second level of my mentorship program.

To benefit from this mentorship forums – where I will link you up with an accountability partner, you need to first go through the first phase – my private mentorship.

This is a one year interaction program where I link you up with other like minded people to share experiences and network for mutual growth. This is part of the networking strategy to grow you.
Your membership gives you limited email and Skype contact with me for on-going guidance in developing your unique personal growth plan. This is a follow up program to sure that you your plan is implemented.


“Your mentorship forums have helped me get promotion at the work place. Thanks a lot for your selfless services and for sharing your knowledge”– Nassur Mukama, Kampala.


My group mentorship is offered to only 50 people and you can join any time during the year.
You need to join early, to benefit.

This program is delivered on the telephone and Internet (Skype, Gtalk & email). There is no travel involved.

I want to help you get closer to your dream. Regardless of what you think you have so far achieved, never settle for less. You deserve much more. You need a person who can push you, improve you, question your decisions, give you alternatives and typically help you not be comfortable with less.

  • Do You Want to Stop Worrying, and Start Doing, and Prepare For Your Retirement in Today’s Tough Economy?
  • Would You Like to Measure your Annual Improvement and Growth?
  • Would You Like to know what Success REALLY means and focus on achieving it?

Then join my group mentorship program. It will run throughout the year from the date of your signup, but you can renew it.

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Become a leader whom others want to follow not have to follow. This is an exclusive one-on-one executive mentorship program conducted by Mustapha B Mugisa.

To quality, you must be a middle manager and above leading a team of at least 10 people reporting directly to you. The program is ideal for directors and professionals in leadership roles or newly promoted and don’t know where to start.

As a leader, your focus is to deliver results to your stakeholders. How do you navigate corporate politics, manage diverse teams and stakeholders while motivating every member on your team to perform to their optimum?

In this program, you will learn:

  • Critical leadership skills – aligning strategy to structure, systems and people so as to create clear accountabilities. You want each of your senior members to have clear annual/quarterly/monthly/weekly targets that they must report on and clear parameters of measuring performance
  • As a newly appointed CEO or manager, where do you start to deliver business growth?
  • Gain strategy execution implementation / execution skills and align your team to a common vision. As the CEO or unit manager, you are the vision owner, and must sell it to all your stakeholders. How do you do that?
  • Learn corporate governance and board dynamics and be a great leader. Know your key stakeholders and how to effectively report to them
  • Speak with confidence and create commitment. Equally, write with confidence and clarity of thought.
  • Become a respected leader others want to follow NOT have to follow.
  • Make people in your team accountable – let them do their best while giving them their space.

[thrive_2step id=’4346′] Download the 4 Secrets to WinningMindset Leadership [/thrive_2step]