Exercise, eat well, laugh, and checkup for good health

The common saying in the medical parlance is everyone is mad, but the degree varies. Or everyone has some illness, the severity varies. Anytime

The common saying in the medical parlance is everyone is mad, but the degree varies. Or everyone has some illness, the severity varies. Anytime you do a full medical checkup, you are likely to find something going the wrong way! If you are reading this blog, and understanding it means your madness level is still at a very low. You are sane but not 100% sane. There is no such thing as 100% sanity.

Now if your madness is at 10%, you have 90% sanity. If your madness is at 20%, you have 80% sanity. The insanity starts to show as your degree of madness increases towards 50%. We all know that desperation can easily increase your madness from 10% to 50%, which could make you go out of your way to try to eke a living.

That is life’s stages. You must start now to manage the risks.

You have to protect yourself from insanity by having family, friends, fitness, faith, and financial resilience. You may have family, but still, be alone. So, you really must make a deliberate effort to bring your family together. Your partner, children, parents, and relatives should be engaged continuously during times of happiness so that you have your relationship glass full. By the time you need their support during tough times like Covid, you just keep drinking from the full glass. The problem many people make is to keep their relationship glass empty, only to call or visit during tough times asking for a favour. Such is not good. The same applies to friends and colleagues at work. During your great times, make sure you enjoy the spoils. Have a great time together to help you fill the friendship glass.

Above all, have a habit to exercise daily. Run. Walk. Or do the gym. Whatever you do make the body shake. Sweating is a natural remedy for common diseases like colds or fatigue. Eat well. Go to the market and buy food. I know someone you may say you don’t have enough money to even buy your food. Now that is a tough situation. You must think harder. But there is a solution. All of us have gone through those stages. Just go to the restaurants operating near the markets. Such places have great local foods that are fresh. Buy portions in small quantities. Eat beans. Greens. You will enjoy it. Above all, visit the doctor once in a while if you can.

It is good practice to examine yourself. Small changes are tricky. Your madness level could be increasing daily by 1% or 0.5% that it is not easy to notice until it is too late. The best way to monitor is going for a checkup once in a while.

And remember, when science fails, you need to have plan B. Now is the time to build a relationship with God.

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