External Audit of information and communication technology systems of Supervised Financial Institutions (SFIs)

On July 10, 2019, Bank of Uganda issued Instruction Circular ‘EDS.306.2 as a follow-up to circular Ref: EDS.306.2 dated July 13, 2017, with respect

On July 10, 2019, Bank of Uganda issued Instruction Circular ‘EDS.306.2 as a follow-up to circular Ref: EDS.306.2 dated July 13, 2017, with respect to the subject matter. All SFIs are required to conduct an external audit of their ICT Systems. And that an SFI may identify and engage any firm from the list of firms prequalified to provide External Audit Services; and such a firm DOES NOT have to be appointed external audit of the said SFI.

Summit Consulting Ltd has partnered with an audit firm to provide External Audit of SFI ICT Systems at an affordable fee. You don’t have to break your break to comply with this requirement. SFIs are required to submit the profiles of the staff of specialists that will be deployed to conduct the IT Systems Audit in 2019 by 15th August 2019. To make your compliance swift, we have developed everything you need.

Are you a bank CEO, Executive Director,  Finance Director or Head IT, below find the solutions you need to comply with this requirement swiftly NOW and in the future.

Question 1: How can my bank easily comply with the BOU IT audit requirements without spending a lot of money to get it done?.

  1. Download Appendix 1, BoU ICT Audit Scope and know what is involved. We have prepared for you an IT audit program that is comprehensive and covers ALL the minimum required areas by the regulator as specified in the instruction circular. You will KNOW what is involved and save money.

What is more, we will provide for you a complementary Whitebox pen test (if you allow us) so as to tighten your ICT security posture and prevent those common frauds, of which 80% where money has been lost is due to some insiders, former staff or your partners who have some understanding about your network. You will save over the US $20,000 in fees, and get maximum value.

  1. Appendix 3: Staff CVs (you must submit these to Bank Of  Uganda before 15th August 2019). For more details contact us. You have our permission to submit our CVs to the Regulator to facilitate your compliance.  Download the CVs here, print and submit today. Deadline is 15th August 2019.

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