Five ideas to make 2017 the best year ever

How time flies. Just last year we celebrated a new year 2016. The year turned out to be very eventful, with lots of history.

How time flies. Just last year we celebrated a new year 2016. The year turned out to be very eventful, with lots of history. The Republicans took it in the US. Brexit happened. Allepo fell under siege. Kasese cried aloud. Uganda re-elected the President. The list is endless. All these are now history.

Whatever happens, the sun will rise and set. You must ask yourself, “What did I learn from events in 2016?” How do I make 2017?

Life is about making choices- to be part of history makers or to be a passive observer. No one changes history by just sitting on the sidelines and observing. Your action or inaction is everything. When it comes to your life, did 2016 turn out to be what you had planned?

Today is 1st January 2017. Happy New Year. What key area of your life will you improve this year? Below are top five ideas to make the most of 2017.

  1. Do not just set resolutions, set priorities and action points. Resolutions are meaningless if they relate to issues that are not most pressing in your life. Ask your family: What is our most pressing problem or issue today that we must prioritize and solve? Is it poor health? Is it poverty? Is it lack of true friends or weak faith? List as many problems. And summarize your most pressing issue.
  1. Once your problem is clearly and precisely defined, brainstorm on the solutions. Have a list of two to three possibilities to fix the most pressing problem. You will act on your resolutions if they are anchored on addressing the most urgent things. If your health is falling due to high Body Mass Index (Your weight divided by your height), you have a high risk of non-communicable diseases (NCDs) like diabetes and high blood pressure. You must walk. Run. Exercise and eat healthy daily. Otherwise, you will soon spend a lot in hospitals. The earlier you fix the ‘pressing issue’ the better. Make clear areas of focus to solve your most pressing issues. Anything that fixes it is your winning formula. You may consider succeeding in 2017 as follows.
    • Reduce my BMI from 27 to 23 by July 2017.
    • Be recognized as the best employee at place of work by August 2017.
    • Be the best husband or wife through strengthening faith, family and friendships. Travel with friends to the different places in EA by December 2017.
    • Change a stranger’s life for the better.
    • Start a side business by November 2017.
  1. Make an action plan

To achieve, you must act. For each of your areas of focus in 2017, what actions will you do, by when and how? The more specific you are the better. If you want to get a job at NSSF, apply there. But before you apply, get to know who is who? Who makes the decisions to recruit? How is that decision reached? Who influences the recruiter? Where can you find the influencer? What are their interests? Remember every company is open to receive great people. Just knock and the door will be opened only if you knock after doing your homework that the people are at home!

  1. Get an accountability partner

You need a mentor. Since you have your action plan in place, find someone who will hold you accountable. I did this several years ago and it has been one of the most important decisions of my life. I have someone who is my strong sounding board. They put me into my position, when I drift from my targets. They keep my feet on the fire; until I move on. Who will be your accountability partner in 2017? Visit to apply to me to be your mentor. You will also benefit a lot if you are an executive. You also have an option to apply to become a mentor for others. When we were children, our parents held us accountable. Bad parents fail to hold their children accountable for their actions. As an adult, who holds you accountable for your actions?

  1. Have fun

Life is too short to not enjoy it. Make merry. Change someone’s life, as you do so

Wish you the very best of 2017- Good health, social respect and financial independence. Above all, being in good terms with your God is critical.


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