Focus on putting money on the table

As the chief executive, employee or anybody on the street, how do you make choices which are going to improve your life?  First, in whatever you do focus on putting money on the table. If it’s not on the table, it becomes very difficult for you to succeed. In the journey of business, I have witnessed a lot of challenges when a person does have money in their pocket, bank account or they don’t see any stability to sustain their current life style, they lose self-esteem, confidence and become disorganized.

Remember, the first minutes of your work when you wake up, ask yourself how do you put money on the table? This should be the biggest question because you can get many financial accountants to help you remove it from the table. The responsibility of putting money on the table is about yourself. If financial advisors are the best, why can’t they first advise themselves and make a lot of money?They shouldn’t pretend that they can advise you about your money better. Much as you need their advice, unless you have a lot of money, it becomes very difficult for you to get ahead.

Focus on increasing your net wealth. What are you doing to improve your financial package? Of course, you are working but how do you earn even when while you are sleeping? Once you reach that level of independence, then you have arrived.

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